Get the most impact from your email marketing campaign

With close to 50% of all emails being opened on mobile devices (some data puts that number even higher), so create your email campaign with mobile in mind to increase conversion and build your audience. Here are some important points to put into practice when designing your email campaigns:

Design for Mobile first, but Don’t Neglect Desktop

Although the majority of email marketing is opened on a mobile device, that is only part of the picture. Most of those readers will open that same email again and maybe even again before clicking through. Around 30% will open that email for a second time on a different device and the majority of those who click trough will do it on desktop. So… your email campaign should look its best on all devices.

Consider What your Design May Look Like in Dark Mode

We are hearing more about the harmful effects of blue light from our devices, so it is no surprise that newer devices are starting to roll out with a dark mode option. What this does is essentially invert the colors from light to dark and from dark to light and this can inadvertently create a hideous color palette that is hard to read and just unappealing to look. While you can’t create the best color options for both scenarios, and you can’t predict who will be viewing your emails in dark mode, normal mode should still be your priority. However, you can choose colors that will look great in normal mode, but not so bad in dark.

Don’t Forget About the Subject Line

This is the first impression by your audience, but often an afterthought by marketers. Make it fun and intriguing. Think of it as more of a headline than a subject line. At a minimum it should spark some curiosity to get your email read. Also, consider adding an emoji where appropriate (come on, you know you want to). Using an emoji has been proven to increase both open rates and read rates of emails (and they are fun to use), just make sure you have chosen an emoji that translates well and is easily recognizable.

For more detailed tips, read this article by Suzanne Scacca for Smashing Magazine to get the most impact from your email marketing.

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