A Peak into The Futur

I have always had my foot in two different worlds, creatively speaking. From the time I started design school, I knew that what I really wanted was to start and operate my own studio. So, not long after having my first child, I did. Kind of.

The ambitious me wanted to build my own thing, call my own shots and create my own schedule. The conservative me wanted paid time off and direct deposit. As a result, I did both..or neither, depending on how you looked at it. Technically, I did work for myself, but most of my clients were larger design firms and advertising agencies. I did have a few small businesses as clients, but mostly I answered to an agency principal or creative director. So rather than feeling like my own boss, I felt more like I had several bosses. Not really what I had in mind going in. Eventually, when my daughter started high school, I started to panic. College was right around the corner and I felt like I needed security (or at least the illusion of security), so I took a full time job as the Creative Director at one of the agencies that had been my client. The pay wasn’t bad,  the convenience factor was good (only 15 minutes from my house), the direct deposit was great and I worked with some fun people. Creative fulfillment? Not exactly.

So what was holding me back? Basically all the things I am afraid of. Balance sheets, talking to people I don’t already know and the inability to see into the future…just to name a few. So I decided to tackle these obstacles one at a time. After all, I taught myself how to code, I can learn how to grow my small business. I started with a small list of things I wanted to accomplish before I went fully independent. On top of my list was to go back to school and take business courses. Something I still plan on doing, but since my children seem to learn most of what they know from YouTube, I thought that might be a great place to start. And I was right. I stumbled across The Futur. A series of videos by Designer/Blind Founder/Teacher/Author Chris Do and his team of contributors who discuss the business of design. There is a full library of videos of discussing multiple topics from How To Price Design Services & Make More Money to An Introvert’s Guide To Getting Clients & Networking. The videos are beautifully produced and the content is so relatable to anyone wanting to start a creative business. The most valuable thing I learned from the very first video was that the fear I had about going out on my own was not unique to me. I haven’t made the complete leap yet, but both feet are almost completely in.


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